About Sustainable Seas


The Sustainable Seas Initiative was launched in 2011 by Briggen Tre Kronor in cooperation with Wärtsilä and Cargotec and in the presence of Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Victoria, who is also the patroness of the Initiative.

The intention of the Sustainable Seas Initiative is to bring together representatives from the world of science and business along with NGO:s and  the community at large. But that is not enough to make a difference - together, we must also reach individuals. The goal is to put further pressure on politicians, but also show what you as an individual can do. Through knowledge comes commitment and ability to influence.

Every year the Sustainable Seas Initiative visits cities in Sweden and the Baltic sea countries to inform and engage in one of the most important issues in our region - the Baltic Sea. We gather politicians at different levels, scientist, academia, industry and environmental organizations in our efforts to make a difference.

The Initiative is based on cooperation between scientists, environmentalists, politicians and business. Behind the initiative are currently around seventy companies and organisations.

Baltic Sea Waste Campaign.

A project concerning littering in the Baltic Sea in collaboration with the
Sustainable Seas Initiative. Read more here