"Baltic Sea – Who cares…"

A digital version of our exhibition about littering, sunscreens, textiles and antifouling paint that affect sea water. Translated to english, finish, estonian, latvian, lithuaninan, polish and german. See the exhibition here


The Baltic Sea is a fantastic and in many ways a unique sea. It gives us food, transportation, beauty and recreation. It offers swimming, fishing and pleasure.

But what is it that is floating around down there? A great deal of our daily lives ends up in the Baltic Sea and create problems. Without us being fully aware of it.

The exhibition deals with environmental toxins and littering in the sea and has been developed in cooperation with the Department of Applied Environmental Science at Stockholm University (ITM) and the Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation. In the exhibition, they are sorted by:

Boating - hull paint
How do I avoid fouling on the hull without using environmentally harmful antifouling paints? Read more
In the closet - clothes
How do I reduce the risk of chemicals from clothes ending up in the Baltic Sea? Read more

Under the sun - sunscreen agents
How can I enjoy the sun without either damaging the environment or harming myself? Read more

On the bottom - garbage
How do I keep the Baltic Sea from becoming a garbage dump? Read more